Diversity Lion


8' x 4' x  3'

fiberglass substrate, opus romano glass, Italian smalti, stained glass,  vitreous glass

Corporate collection

Diversity Lion was created as part of a Public Art project to welcome the Lion King to Appleton, Wisconsin.  As a new resident to the Fox Valley area, I was struck by the number of times the theme of diversity was raised.  So, I created Diversity Lion to reflect this concept, giving him a rainbow mane ... a symbol used as an historic, religious, cultural and international, sign of diversity and acceptance.

Diversity Lion began as a fiberglass mold covered with stucco mesh and epoxy.  He was then covered with cement for the mosaic base.  Opus Romano glass was used for lion, smalti for his face, stained glass and vitrious for the base.  Grout was hand colored to match the glass used for the mane.

Photo: John Luke



Kimberly Schonfeld

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