Eternity Revisited


33" x 33" x 18"

65 lbs

Fiberglass base, colored gold Italian smalti

Corporate Collection: Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center

Inspiration is that always-elusive moment when ideas merge with opportunity. The opportunity to use the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center as a muse from which to draw inspiration has made the creation of Eternity Revisited a special journey.

The body-mind-spirit philosophy of the Disney Family Cancer Center merged with a geometric, symmetrical form that had been playing in my mind for several years. Three-sided loops, three knots, three colors (land-water-air)… and a continuous red-orange line following the never-ending path of a mobius strip, and of life.

Eternity Revisited was created to explore color, shape, line, and balance -- key aspects of my mosaic style. It is an exploration of form that has no beginning nor end. It was a gift to me … passed on.

Photo: Scott Windus



Kimberly Schonfeld

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