Kimberly Schonfeld is an Appleton, Wisconsin-based artist with credits and honors in both the classical and contemporary schools of mosaics. She began her second career as a mosaic artist in 1998 while living in Dallas, TX. Since that time she has completed coursework throughout the US, in addition to studies in Italy. She has completed a number of commissioned projects in addition to her other artistic work. Kimberly contributed to the American Mosaic Project, a traveling exhibition from mosaic artists, focused on increasing awareness of mosaics as well as mosaics education.

Kimberly favors working 3-dimensionally - providing her with a broader pallet of shapes and designs to complement her mosaic expression. She focuses on the use of color particularly, and believes that simplicity of design coupled with the complexity of light makes mosaics a more revealing and emotive color pallet from which to work.

Kimberly has received National and International Awards (including Grand prize at the 2007 Orsoni International Award for Mosaic Fine Art) and is seen in corporate and private collections. She currently teaches at the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton, WI as well as serving on their Board of Directors.

Kimberly Schonfeld